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Okay, its been a minute, but let's get back on track with a stream! Working on the oldest commission on the list, then potentially some of the FSA sketches. =o Join on in!…
Still not enough progreeess. but things are moving again.

Commissions In Queue:
  1. Ryft - Hailie, post-spanking corner time, crying - not started*
  2. Cobalt - 3wayspankinz with Kisho, Ollie and Koobi, full color - not started
  3. Cobalt - Hazel/Kisho, Begrudging hugs, full color - not started
* = paid

personal projects:
  • still need to finish that pricesheet. bout halfway done.
  • Continue sketching FSA pics
Looking for a Commission? 

Here's my pricing and list of wills and won'ts: COMMISSION PRICING and RULES
Time Pranks Get Spanks!

So this is Kasho being spanked by Koa. xD These two were rather sweet on eachother in an RP long since past, and while Kasho (a time manipulator) was usually the sensible one in the group of characters.. he also had a very mischeivous side to him. |D That happens when you disguise yourself as a child rather frequently. xD Anyhow.. he would occasionally use his abilities to pull off and get away with pranks. xD and this time Koa was his victim. It's no secret to anyone of their friend's how steamy they were. Well, the general public wasn't -as- aware... and Well, let's just say, shifting to a child during a PDA then shouting "I need an adult!" was a lot less funny to her than it was to him. XD  He's such a little brat when he wants to be.

Kasho is mine, Koa belongs to a friend on Aotk.

Moving this to scraps in a few days.

Another Word in the Employee's Lounge

a continuation of

(copypasta cuz lazy) So we all know Kisho can be a little pain in the neck. This is common knowledge. But sometimes, he's also incredibly unfortunate in his misbehavior. Whilst horsing about in Hazel's place of employ, he happened to completely wipe out an entire tray of frappé. Now in most cases this could be shrugged off. But Hazel was the only one on shift, and it was only a couple minutes before her shift was done... So needless to say, having to hang around an extra 20+ minutes to clean everything, get changed and -then- take care of her closing duties... well, it left her with quite a chip on her shoulder. Kisho tried to run, bless him, but Hazel's anger was fuel enough to catch him before he got out the door. After losing his will to escape (aka, his pants), she put him in the employee's lounge and went to go cut herself a switch. And after what was probably the longest wait in his life, and a rather course admonishing, here we are. |D I'd feel bad for him.. but he's been getting away with murder lately (aka not appearing in much art lately). -3- lol Enjoy. =o 

For the record I'm not tolerating any debates about the morality of using corporal punishment on real kids. Just no. So if you don't like the pic, please move along. 

This was a commission for :iconkoobikitsune: to whom Hazel belongs. 

Kisho is mine.

Spanky Scuffle
This was a commission for :iconchinchillashogunxam:

Here we have the roughest toughest girls I draw, having a contest of... I'm sot sure. x3 Spanks and wrestling have been a thing for a long time. =I so I guess they figured they'd have a go at it. XD Fun times and sore bottoms were had by all. xP yay.

Doruki (the red devil on the bottom) is mine.
Liren (the wolf-girl on top) is :iconchinchillashogunxam:'s
Okay, its been a minute, but let's get back on track with a stream! Working on the oldest commission on the list, then potentially some of the FSA sketches. =o Join on in!…


Kyle Rogers
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States

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