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Spanky Art Project!

Go here ---> <--- if you wanna join!

1. (And this shouldn't be a shocker to anyone who knows me at all) Nothing sexually explicit. Pervy humor is fine, certain implications are acceptable, but under no circumstances will I draw genitalia/anus/nipples exposed or even hint at them. Also, I prefer to keep any bodily fluids to a minimum. Sweat or tears, those are fine. Anything else is a no.

2. This is an effort to have fun and show interaction between my characters and yours. So in other words, only OC's please.

3. Any of my characters are fair game for either role. Regardless of gender or disposition. (feel free to browse my galleries :iconle-okami: has all my non-spanky/pervy art, but the characters there are still fair game, or just ask and I can help you with match-making). Though, I'll make it a point to keep the situation semi-organic. If one character gets too much attention, I may ask that you choose another, though I don't forsee that as an issue.

As a note, this project does not affect any other requests, trades, commissions or gifts that are already in the works. Now, you may be asking "what if I just want it to be two of my own characters?". Well, sorry to say, you can just pay for a commission then. -w- No offense, but I'm trying to have fun here too, y'know? Now, though I say spanking, it can also be any implement you like, so paddling, whipping, caning, or whatevs, and whatever position you like -provided its not exposing anything I mentioned I won't draw-.This is something that I'll work on over time, when time allows. This isn't first come first serve. It'll stay open for a time, and there will be no particular order to how I do the pics. =3 So join in when you get an idea you like! I'll keep a list of participants below, so note me with details, or comment here if you're interested. ^^
Spanky Project List:

1. :iconvalzion: - Christa/Hikari - hand, bent over bed (finished) Free Spanky Arts! -For Valzion- by Okamiseinen

2. :iconchinchillakingxam: - Liren/Amaya - hand, standing/dancing (finished) Free Spanky Arts! -For Xam- by Okamiseinen

3. :iconraijinsenshi: - Kevin/Alastor - friendly spanks

4. :iconanimegirl2012: - Jenny/Wuffie - surprise swat

5. IStillHateDeviantart(on FA) - Danny/Jilly - trapped by the waist (finished) Free Spanky Arts! -For Istillhatedeviantart- by Okamiseinen

6. PlushyBunny(on FA) - Wuffie/Mallow - paddle, otk (finished) Free Spanky Arts! -For PlushyBunny- by Okamiseinen

7. :icongakusangi: - Kisho/Romano

8. :iconeshonen: - Tanoshii/Dream - include worth-it face (finished) Free Spanky Arts! -For Eshonen- by Okamiseinen

9. :icontdraichu: - Nico/Hikari

10. :iconnerdking14: - Alastor/Trina - bent over bed, electrified hairbrush (finished)
Free Spanky Arts! -For Nerdking14- by Okamiseinen

11. :iconprinceofvaria: - Hikari/Himei - large hairbrush

12. :iconblackcarrot1129: - Nega Troopa/Alastor - Evil-laughter

13. Kiba122(From IB) - ?/Tiger oc - over bed, belt

14. Adrian(from IB) - Simba/Kisho - otk, swats

15. Parallax(from IB) - ?/Justin - artists' choice

16. EsanHusky(from IB) - ?/HollyAnn

17. KittyFlame(from FA) - ?/Kitty - otk, small paddle, crying

18. Tugscarebear(from FA) - Alastor/Cadyn - hairbrush

19. :iconilukona: - Katey/Kisho - pouty, weak spanks, lulzy reaction (finished) Free Spanky Arts! -For Ilukona- by Okamiseinen

20. :iconookami-egao: - Wuffy/Haji - otk, playful

21. :icon13yami13: - Ukyo/Kimiko - hands held above head, belt

22. :iconpastel-hime: - Ukyo/Ollie - legs-up, hand (finished) Free Spanky Arts! -For Pastel-Hime- by Okamiseinen

23. Koobikitsune(from IB) - Lucien/Koobi - cutesy/embarrassing

24. :iconcjrocker: - Alastor/Wubz - Playful swat

25. :iconfalloutruler85: - Ukyo/Rebecca

26. :iconmardozer725: - Sean/Amaya - otk, hand

27. :iconglassofliquid: - Hikari/Lucas - otk, peppermint-paddle, santa-suit

28. Stikleeh(from FA) - Ukyo/Suti - over desk, hand, schoolgirl outfit

29. Veruca(from FA) - Hakujin/Veruca - otk on bed, bottomless, oh-face (finished) Free Spanky Arts! -For Veruca- by Okamiseinen

30. AralynThorn - ?/Aralyn - otk, multiple implements laid out (sketched and approved for lineart)

31. Ruffy(from IB) - Ruffy/Wuff - paddle, running and laughing

32. DJBattousai(from FA) - Kujaku/? - otk, hand or belt

33. :icontheshelbster: - Nexus/Ali - Pony with a belt, o mai

34. :icondarksara1: - ?/kitty oc - otk, hand

35. :iconmasterghostunlimited: - Tundra/? - otk

36. :icondarkflame313: - Aero/Ali - otk, rooftop

37. Meushi(on IB) - Gaia/Meushi - bent over stool, belt (finished) Free Spanky Arts! -For Meushi- by Okamiseinen

38. :iconsmilehkitteh: - Wuff/Smiley - otk, hand, pajamas <-- all my favorite things. See how she is? >o>

39. BrandonPotter0 (IB) - Doruki/Bomani - otk, boxers

40. CaliWolfNinja (IB) - Tanoshii/Chris - paddle, otk, enjoying it

41. BabySierra (IB) - F/Sierra - no details given

42. Sethro (IB) - ?/Sethor - otk, crying

43. SpankableBlueYoshi (IB) - ?/Blue - no details given

44. Jenali (IB) - M/Jenna - bottoms-up, flog/crop, enjoying it

45. Skyles (IB) - ?/Sora - no details given

46. Chaos_Coyote (FA) - ?/Chaos - no details given

47. Picklessauce69 (FA) - ?/Pickles - Aprons, spatula, surprise spanks

48. Mewlsverne (FA) - to be decided

49. AngelColette (FA) - to be decided

50. LaughingMan008 (FA) - to be decided

51. :iconacidicstudios: - Frost/Robin - bottoms-up on a bed, paddle, bdsm gear, carrot joke

52. :icontendarog:- Ukyo/Tenda - otk, bare, tears

53. :iconpassionateshadow: - Ukyo/Tempo - Over shoulder, bratty reaction

54. :iconroguebfl: - F/Alex - nonspecific

55. :iconkairranaille: - Ukyo/Nanette - otk, hand, pouty expression

56. :iconhammerlockte: - Hammerlock/Ronin - otk, Smug spanker, irritated/surprised spankee

57. :iconmarvintheunicorn2: - ?/Bryn - no detail given

58. :iconwolfytook: - Ali/Matthew - otk, spoon, bare

59. :iconmarpmarps17: - Sath/Greenland - no detail given

60. :iconcosandk: - Seethe/Dakota - otk

61. :iconnatiadimal: - Gaia/Manda - bed, otk, hairbrush, belt laid out

62. :iconkalinka-shadows: - M/Day - otk, cheerful

63. :icondamodred666: - Doruki/Naga - over shoulder, double-strapping(4armed state)

64. Malk - to be decided

Wanna join yet? Go here:

Still plenty of time to sign up, folks~

If I forgot anyone on this list, please don't hesitate to let me know!

Thats all for now!

PS: Forgot to mention! You don't really have to be a watcher to join in. -w- So if you have a friend who likes spanky art, and you think they'd like to participate, by all means, pass this along to them! =3


All done, didn't go long. finished a sketch though. o3o 

As to the steam coupons, here's what I got. -3- by all means, don't be shy.

Obulis - A game of spheres, vases and ... I think thats it. Some puzzle-y beast of which I want no part. |D 90% off.

Bleed - some fast-paced side-scrolling shooter thingy, with some little generic happy-girl with purple hair. =I Could be fun. but not my style. |D 50% off.

Dream Pinball 3D - Its pinball. =I 90% off.

Iron Soul - 3rd person shooter, you play as a robot (or guy in a powersuit..) and you're shooting other robots. Looks okay, the actual gameplay seems a tad clunky though. 50% off.

Little Racers STREET - ... its a top-down racer. I cannot even tell you how much I will never want this, takeittakeittakeittakeittakeittakeittakeit TAKE IT. |D  50% off.

Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe - .. =I I'unno. I looked at it, but, I'unno. I guess you're playing like, some kinda minigames or something. =I 75% off.


Kyle Rogers
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Do you do requests?
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Heyo!~ Sorry about the lateness of my comment, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope your friends gave ya some good B-day swats for those of us who can't reach ya. C:<
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