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Sissy takes Charge! by Okamiseinen
Sissy takes Charge!
Introducing a new-girl to the ever-growing bunny-harem that is my character cast XP Sissy. Danny's reclusive, quasi-evil-genius, little sister. She's a few years younger than Danny, but and even smaller, but this little cutie is a dom at heart. XP She loves to torment girls and boys much bigger than her, but lacks the strength. Solution? Build spanking/tickling/etc machines and robots to do it for her, of course! Now she's not above bullying anyone at all, save one. Danny, despite his submissive tendencies, and soft-spokenness, can reel his tomboyish, raucous little brat of a sis in, and even take her in-hand when need-be. Now, anyone else who tries this is probably going to have vengeance sworn upon them. And while the threats of a sniffling, red-bottomed dwarf of a bunny-girl don't seem very intimidating or even plausible, make no mistake. =I SHE WILL TOTALLY ESCALATE THINGS. You beat her one-on-one? She'll come back with a spanky-power-glove or some-such. Beat her at that? She'll bring in the robo-spankers. beat her there? You better quickly snitch on her to her brother. >o> Cuz it'll only get more absurd after that. You'll be laying in bed, resting and next thing you know, your roof is being lifted off your house and you're being dragged out by a behemoth spiderbot with a paddle-wheel arm or some such. Now granted, she's learned not to test -some- residents of Bursnton. Ukyo is off limits. Furthermore, she'll actively be on her best behavior if she even thinks she hears his voice. He's toppled some of her strongest creations. xD Haku, Lucien, Hikari... many of the the more powerful souls in town are neutral to her, but they'd make quick work of many of her devices xD so she tends to pick her battles to an extent (after a few painful lessons).

What's going on here likely won't end well for her.. jus' sayin'.  

Fun facts:

She tested out of highschool and is already nearly reached her Masters degree in robotic engineering. She plans to earn a doctorate. What she plans to do with this degree is .. well, pretty obviously not anything to do with helping mankind. 

She has the same fur/hair/eye patterns as Danny. She looks like a female, shrunken, identical twin. 

She loves to have her machines spank, tickle and generally restrain people she couldn't normally dominate, but, should they happen to enjoy it, it irritates her greatly. Her favorite response is anger, which she fuels with taunting, until eventually breaking her victim down, or deciding they entertained her sufficiently. She'll also accept sissy behavior. But giggling, or any more pleasurable sounds, and she'll start to become miffed. 

She identifies as a tomboy, but she has quite a few girly traits. her rowdy behavior is her most boyish behavior. 

She's not picky with her victims, so long as they give her the desired responses. 

She -hates- to be spanked, it's the surest way to start a small war with her (unless done playfully, which she won't be upset by, but will still protest). She mildly enjoys being tickled. 
Time for some streaming! Come join me as I do the things, and make the stuff. Join me. And together we shall ride into glorious battle, waving the banner of spanky goodness, singing songs of valor, telling tales of triumphs past and... eh. I'm gonna draw butts. That's good right? Come chat with meh while I do so .o.
Cooperative Discordance by Okamiseinen
Cooperative Discordance
A character I made for :iconparadox-delirium:'s little universe x3 Tis a sci-fi reinterpretation of Wuff, sorta. BUT REALLY IS KINDA TOTALLY DIFFERENT. :I more on that when I'm more awake, and/or have more art of the alienwuff beast o3o TILL THEN. Enjoy. x3 
Aunty Liz by Okamiseinen
Aunty Liz
An ex-mercenary gone fashion guru, Elizabeth 'Aunty Liz' Park is a business owner, non-guild-affiliated liaison to select mercenaries and close friend to Livia, of the Gauntlet Sisters ( Fighting Words (colored) these two, that is). Her past is a tad shrouded, but she used to be a skilled mercenary, specialized in weilding a curved greatsword. She now makes her living selling clothes and doing special consultations and fittings for select clientele. Her fashion sense being second to none, she is considered one of the most notable blue-bloods of the city in which she works, owning a rather sizable mansion outside of town. Robin fervently maintains that Liz 'likes girls', reporting that Liz always gives Livia rather amazing discounts after some questionable behavior. This has, of course, never stopped Liz from dressing young men just as she does women. Afterall, everyone deserves to look fantastic, according to Liz. 

Now in color!~
Okaaay, back on track with another livestream! Come on in and join the fun! ^^
Time for some streaming! Come join me as I do the things, and make the stuff. Join me. And together we shall ride into glorious battle, waving the banner of spanky goodness, singing songs of valor, telling tales of triumphs past and... eh. I'm gonna draw butts. That's good right? Come chat with meh while I do so .o.


Kyle Rogers
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States

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